Here's the page for all you stalkers and voyeurs. Hey, I can't complain. At least you aren't out there writing Harry Potter slash fiction or something...

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A Word About Names

You may be asking, "Is your name really Aela? What kind of a name is that?" My real name is Cheryl, but let's face it, that's a stupid name. My middle name is even worse. So online I like to go by Aela. I've also gone by Necromancer. Because I'm a gaming geek, and I've been into D&D since I was 9. And Aela is the name of one of my favorite characters...and she was also a Necromancer...and you're thinking I must be one of those freaky people who takes gaming waaaayyyyy too seriously and I'm gonna go mental any minute like Tom Hanks in that crap movie-of-the-week from the 80's.
Well maybe....

Basic Factoids

Name: Cheryl G Occupation: Stay-at-home wife,
part-time librarian
Age: 32 Makeup by: MAC
Bday: Oct 30 Beverage of choice: water
Diet Vanilla Coke
SIgn: Scorpio
Myers-Briggs Type: INTJ
Marital status: Married Cocktail: gimlet
Pets: Two cats, Gandalf and Gulliver Fave Foods: Indian, Mid-Eastern
Tattoos: three Band: Bauhaus
Political leanings: Green Party pinko Singer: Johnny Cash
Height:: 5' 5" 3 Things Always in My Fridge:
brewed coffee
Red Hot
Hair Color: L'Oreal Open #M5
Children: see below
Game systems: AD&D (1st and 2nd eds.), Vampire The Masquerade/Dark Ages

More Pictures

For some more pics of me, including retro pics, click here.


Apart from gaming geeks, the other group which most defines me is Childfree. All it really means is that I do not have or ever plan to have, children. There are more of us in the world than you think. You probably don't notice us, because we don't draw attention to ourselves by dragging screaming toddlers through 5-star restaurants, changing shitty diapers in public, or whining for ever-more tax breaks. For this, you should thank us. We also aren't adding to the OVER 6 BILLION humans on Planet Earth. You're welcome. But instead of your thanks, what we'd really like to have is your respect. Your simple acknowledgement that we exist, and have rights too.

We'd like you not to think of us as freaks, or as a hate group. True, some CFers do hate kids; I'm one of them. But plenty of us don't. People become CF for many reasons; for some it's not even a conscious choice, they just have always known it. Personally, I'm CF because I hate kids, I know I would be a terrible and possibly abusive parent, and because breeding doesn't mesh with my environmentalist beliefs. I have given this decision a lot of thought. Now, how many parents do you know who've thought about having kids? This is probably the biggest life-changing issue there is, but let's face it : most people put more thought into what toppings should go on their pizza. People let it "just happen". Or they use an old cliche like, "if you wait until you can afford 'em, you'll never have 'em." Isn't that sad? Isn't it wrong? Shouldn't children be planned and actively wanted? Think before you breed, people. Please. It could be the greatest thing you'll ever do for yourself.
Oh, and take that screaming child out of the restaurant, please...we didn't pay to hear that.

Statement of Principles

Or: My Worldview in a Nutshell

No, I won't tell you what 'necromancer' means. Buy a dictionary.
I hate people.
No, really, I do.
The world needs another Black Plague.
Yes, I'd be happy to die in the plague if it would mean an end to humans on Earth.
We are a cancer on this planet.
I am an atheist.
I'm not spritual, and I don't understand people who are.
Highly religious people, of any denomination, scare me.
But I believe in the Gaia principle: the earth itself is sacred. Nature is sacred.
I'm not a pagan/wiccan.
I wanted to be a pagan/wiccan, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get through the ceremonies without laughing.
I hate children.
Yes, even YOUR children. ESPECIALLY your children.
Having more than one child is an obscenity.
If your baby and my cat were trapped in a burning building, I'd knock your ass over running in to save my cat.
Hearing about animal abuse makes me bawl like a little girl.
Reproduction is not a right.
Is anyone still reading at this point?
The current president of the US is a joke.
I've never felt at home in the United States. I hate so much about it.
I hate flag-waving idiots who think that they're patriots. I'd like to see how they'd act if they really had to sacrifice or do something for their country.
Don't tell me to "love it or leave it." I AM trying to leave it. Will you pay my way? I promise not to come back.
I want to be Canadian, or British.
I vote. Do you, Mr. Flag Sticker?
I'm a liberal Socialist, but not a bleeding-heart.
I'm a mean Socialist. Tons of government benefits should be available, but only to the DESERVING.
Who decides who's deserving? Why me, of course.
If we were civilized, contraception and abortions would be free.
Ok, now no one is still reading. Screw 'em.
I love old movies.
Gregory Peck is the pinnacle of human evolution.
Everyone has a subject about which they are a Tedious Prick. I am a Tedious Movie Prick.
No, I can't "just shut up and watch it as entertainment." I can't BE entertained if the movie isn't GOOD, moron.
Other varieties of Tedious Pricks are annoying to me.
Tedious Music Pricks are especially bad.
No, I don't want to hear the new indie band you just discovered!
Don't be ashamed to like bands who aren't considered cool anymore.
Entertainers who actually ENTERTAIN are precious and worth their weight in gold. Treasure them, no matter what anyone else thinks.
There's nothing inherently wrong with pop music.
Bring back the concept of buying music as singles. Albums are a waste of money.
I used to think that James Hetfield was sexy. James, I beg you, come back to the light!
I strongly suspect that rock music may really be dead this time around.
I like the 1950's.
I think it would be kind of cool to be a 1950's housewife. (Without kids.)
I want to bring back small towns, and walking to the store, and destroy suburban sprawl.
I enjoy keeping house.
I hate being in houses that are messy and dirty.
I have obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
I love to cook. Cooking is an art.
I don't like to bake. Baking is a science.
I can't tolerate people who only like bland foods.
Picky eaters should be allowed to starve to death.
I don't have a sweet tooth, I have a fat tooth.
If it's a choice between cheese fries or dessert, I'll pick the cheese fries every time.
I have no patience for egg-shell egos, drama queens, and the chronically over-sensitive.
Sports are stupid.
ALL of them.
If the Pittsburgh Steelers were to all die in a terrible plane crash en route to an away game, it would make me the happiest person alive.
I hate to sweat.
Exercise is boring.
But I wish I could have abs like Janet Jackson.
I hate summer, heat, humidity, and the sun.
I love snow, thunderstorms, and clouds.
I want to live somewhere cold and bleak.
My parents are detrimental to my mental health.
You are not obligated to people just because they are related to you.
There, their, they're. All have different meanings. Learn the difference!
So do to, two, and too!
I am a gamer.
This means that I have an active imagination.
Most of the time, I prefer my imaginary worlds to this one.
People who tell gamers to "get a life" are usually people who spend 6 hours a day in front of the TV set.


Favorite movies in no particular order :

A Touch of Evil
Double Indemnity
The Big Lebowski
Ed Wood
Out of the Past
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
It Conquered the World
Apocalypse Now
Godfather (part one only)
The Black Cat
The 13th Warrior
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
To Kill a Mockingbird
Night of the Hunter

Favorite Filmmakers:

Woody Allen
Ed Wood
Tim Burton
Orson Welles