Now then, here's the part of my page where I try to make you go and look at websites that I think rawk, and that you need to see for your own betterment. For your convenience, I've grouped them into little category-type things. Have at it.

Movie Links

80s Links

"I am a child of the 80's.." Ahhh..the 80's. Pinnacle of human civilization. How I long for those glorious days. All other decades are depressing in comparison. If you feel the same, these links may ease your yearning soul.

Medieval Links

Medieval history is an obsession of mine. Below are links to some of my favorite topics.

Misc. Links

Goth Links

I think I'm what is known as a "LazyGothi". I have what some would call morbid tastes, but I just can't deal with wearing all that leather and makeup year 'round, and I despise nightclubs. I'm the goth in the Old Navy sweatshirt.

Visit the The Church of Euthanasia