Name: Gulliver Flynn
Age: 8
Date of Birth: Feb.22, 1997
Adoption Date: Feb. 25, 1998
Color: ginger swirl tabby
Eyes: amber
Nicknames: Gulli, Gulli-Flynn, Gulli-Butt, Gulli-Fur, Gulli-Pants, Gulli-Fidditch, Guzzy-Wuzzy, Fluffernutter
Occupation: housecat, fly catcher
Food: Wellness Super-5 Lite
Snack: bologna
Likes: birds, mice, food, making friends, cuddling
Dislikes: car trips
Best Toy: string
TV Shows: no preference
Most Often Found: sitting on Dad

My name is Gulliver and I'm a little cat! Hi! Do you want to be my friend? It would be nice if we could be friends! Do you have any food? This is my website. My mom-lady made it for me because I'm just a little cat! I live with mom and dad and Mr. Gandalf. Mr. Gandalf is my good friend! He knows all kinds of things and is very smart. I used to live in a hospital with a lot of other cats. I didn't like it there, it wasn't nice! They were going to do research to me! I don't know what that is, but mom says it's bad. Then a nice lady at the hospital took me away from there and sent me to live with mom, dad, and Mr. Gandalf. Now I am very happy! I have lots of friends and good things to eat and nice soft places to sleep. I like to watch birdies at the bird feeder, and take naps, and have lunch. Lunch is my favorite! And dinner. I hope you like this website. I have to go now, I'm getting sleepy.

Gulliver's Links

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