Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games!

Alright, no, I was lying. We don't have any games, and probably only a modicum of fun, and even that is of a dubious nature. What we do have is a website lovingly handcrafted by local artisans using traditonal folk methods. Wait, I was lying again. Let's start over.
What we do have, then is a website created by a rather pathetic and insignificant 30-odd year-old misanthropic caucasian female, stuffed to the brim with things that she finds interesting, and in her o'erweening pride she deludedly thinks that she should share them with the world.
Oh, and she has a consuming obsession with small prosimian primates.
As I said, rather pathetic, no?
Well, enough preamble. If you really enjoy this sort of thing, you may as well start clicking the links to the right. Or you could just shut off the computer and go read a book.

I didn't think you would....


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